Kimchi stew with pork, tofu and sweet potato noodles

Kimchi stew with pork, tofu and sweet potato noodles

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This medium spicy, delicious Kimchi stew is made with fermented kimchi, tofu, pork and sweet potato noodles. 

Kimchi brings warmth to this dish and is rich in vitamins A and C as well as lactobacillus bacteria, as a result of the fermentation process. Probiotics are known to have health benefits, especially for the digestive system. Kimchi is also an important source of antioxidants.

The tofu and sweet potato noodles add a different texture to this dish and also provide a variety of essential nutrients.  


Kimchi (cabbage, glutinous rice, chilli powder, garlic, fermented anchovy sauce (fish), shrimp (crustaceans), spring onion, chives, ginger, sugar, mushroom extract, shiitake mushroom), pork belly (skinless), non-GM tofu, sweet potato noodles (sweet potato starch, sodium alginate), soy bean paste (soy bean, soy sauce), chilli paste, spring onion, organic onion, organic courgette, organic chicken stock (celery) and pepper. 


There are two portion sizes available:

- 500g for 1-2 persons

- 1kg for 2-4 persons


Reheating instructions

  • Using microwave
  1. Pierce a few holes on the film lid. Set the microwave on full power (850W)
  2. Reheat for 4 minutes then remove the film
  3. Remove the lid, stir gently and re-cover
  4. Reheat for a further 5 minutes.
  5. Please allow 1 minute for the meal to rest in the microwave before taking it out.
  •  Using oven
  1. Reheat oven to 220 degrees (with fan)
  2. Pierce a few holes on the film lid, place in the centre of the heated oven
  3. Reheat for 55 minutes until the food is piping hot. 

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