Our story

Dinner time was a very important family event while I was growing up. I have a large family in Sydney, my mother has 11 siblings. When I was a child, every Monday all my uncles, aunties and cousins would congregate in my Grandma's house to have dinner together. One of my uncles, who is a chef, would spend the whole day cooking fantastic food for us, and when everyone arrived in the evening my Grandma's house was filled with aromas coming from the various dishes that we were about to eat. These were always moments of great joy and laughter.   

When I moved to Europe, it was often difficult to find the food I love in Hong Kong, where I grew up. I therefore wholeheartedly decided to learn to European food. While in Paris, where I used to live, my friends and I would host dinner parties once a month. This was a great introduction to French cooking and ever since then I have loved having my friends around at home for evening chats with good food and wine.   

Now that I live with my husband and our cat in north London, having friends over for dinner is a regular event. I would spend most of the day looking for ingredients for dishes that cannot be easily found easily in London, I also love to cook something new and special. 

I started cooking on my own from an early age. One of most vivid memories as a child is of me stir-frying chou-sum and fried rice in my parents' kitchen. My passion for cooking would probably not have turned into a profession if my mother had not encouraged me to cook at such a young age.

So many people today live busy lives and living in a big city like London is very demanding. This makes it difficult to enjoy dinner with your loved ones every night as well as eating a balanced and healthy meal. This is why I launched Ginger & Parsley: to help busy individuals and families in London eat healthy, balanced, quality and delicious meals regularly. We want to take away all the hassle of planning, shopping and cooking from you, while at the same time not compromising on the quality of the meals you have. 

All Ginger & Parsley meals use quality ingredients, including free-range corn-fed chicken, grass-fed free-range lamb & beef and organic vegetables. Once the meals are cooked, they are frozen within 30 minutes using a blast chiller to lock-in all the nutrition, taste and texture.

Ginger & Parsley delivers all its meals directly to your home and avoids using any unnecessary packaging in order to minimise waste as much as possible. Because of our focus on quality, we will only operate in a limited number of London areas to begin with. But our coverage area will keep expanding, so why not leave us your email address and postcode? We will let you know as soon as we start delivering to your area. 

We hope you enjoy our meals and look forward to hearing from you!